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“When many people take small actions, big changes can result.”


Why We Do It

The key to making change happen is taking action. Good ideas are not enough. We have Community Organizers on the ground to inspire and lead the actions that make ideas come to life. We also believe the people of NC get a better sense of their power when they see how incremental changes can add up over time. North Carolina is a state where important change often happens slowly, so we use our organizing resources to stay flexible, persistent, strategic, and committed for the long haul. In addition, we are committed to expanding voter participation in elections through both structural and personal change – for example, by making voting more accessible and educating the uninvolved about the value of participation. Our organizing is the key to making this type of change happen through personal example, one-on-one contact, and group actions.

Democracy NC is a presence in Local Communities

An On-the-Ground Presence in Local Communities

Our organizers lead local civic coalitions in cities like Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greenville and Fayetteville. We will be expanding our efforts in the Triad, Coastal and Western regions over the next four years.

Democracy North Carolina’s Organizers work with the members of local coalitions for pro-democracy change in North Carolina. We:

  • Speak to over 100 groups a year about our issues
  • Distribute materials on voting rightspublic campaign financing and other topics
  • Hold local coalition meetings in different cities
  • Offer training sessions
  • Provide support to local election reform efforts
  • Conduct voter education and GOTV activities during election season, and
  • Report back to other Democracy Advocates with a regular flow of front line information on what’s important to local NC communities

In addition to these local coalitions, we have organized a dedicated grassroots volunteer base consisting of thousands of people statewide who take action in a variety of ways to support our issues.