Tell Your Reps: Don’t Force Judges to be Partisan

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Tell Your Reps: Don’t Force Judges to be Partisan

Thanks to your calls and emails, Gov. Roy Cooper did his part to protect an impartial judiciary by vetoing House Bill 100, rejecting legislation that would make elections for our state’s trial judges into million-dollar partisan affairs. But we’re not done.

Now the bill heads back to the General Assembly where lawmakers will consider whether to override the governor’s veto. If they do, they’ll effectively politicize all of North Carolina’s judicial races and set the stage for a host of other bills waging war on the separation of powers and the neutrality of our court system. We can’t let that happen.

Now’s our chance to stop HB100 in its tracks, and end this latest political attack on our courts.

The good news is that some House Republicans have expressed serious doubts about this unpopular bill, and legislative leadership may not have enough votes to override the governor’s veto. That’s why we need to flood our lawmakers’ voicemails and inboxes, letting them know we want judges who are more independent, not more partisan.

Tell your lawmakers to sustain the governor’s veto of House Bill 100 and help stop judicial partisanship in North Carolina >> 

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