“Street Theatre”

This week has been a continuation of some of the work that we had envisioned ourselves doing in the beginning: ending corporate personhood, organizing in colleges, and increasing voter engagement. We had our first kick-off event for our “We the People” Truth Tour titled “The Art of Democracy”, an event at central plaza downtown. Along with engaging pedestrians, we got to enjoy a fun time with fellow organizers outdoors drinking lemonade, watching short documentaries on money and politics as it pertains to the threat to our democracy, and throwing bags of “money” at our 6 foot 5 inches tall Uncle Sam. We shouted, “Help our politicians! They’re drowning in corporate money,” and saw their reactions as we gave them the raw facts. The street theatre gave us a chance to engage in productive dialogue, pre-register teenagers, and get some good media coverage—a productive and learning experience.

Amongst this, Tyshia and I were also able to lead a meeting on planning a Women’s Assembly in Winston-Salem in the month of September. It was not until that moment, that I realized that the Winston-Salem team is truly the story of Woman Power. At this meeting, I realized that our interests, whether that be as students or as women, always coincide with our interests in bettering our democracy. Democracy NC will be taking the lead as the presenters on “Civil Participation and Equality” at this assembly, and through this effort we will reach out to women across the city to step up in their churches for Souls to the Polls, in their work places, non-profit organizations or neighborhoods, to increase voter engagement and education. We’ve used our experience and connections as students and have made much effort in reaching out to Wake Forest University, Salem College, NC A&T, Bennett College and WSSU. We brainstormed with some key leaders and set some meetings so that we can go forth with a plan for getting out the vote for the November election.

It is now dawning on me that our internship is almost over. My how time flies when you’re having fun.

Keren Salim
Triad Team

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