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Democracy North Carolina is a nationally-recognized source for reliable non-partisan research on money in politics, voter participation, and political reform.

Below is a list of our research reports. You are welcome to download and distribute these reports for all non-commercial purposes. For more on the philosophy behind our research activities, please visit the Research page in our What We Do section.

Review a list of all of our research reports here:

This section houses all of our current and archived research reports, arranged chronologically with the most recent reports first. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, check out our blog.

2017 Research

2016 Research

2015 Research

2014 Research

2013 Research

2012 Research

2011 Research

2010 Research

2009 Research

2008 Research

2007 Research

2006 Research

2005 Research

2004 Research

1996-2003 Research

1996 – Pollution Lobby Research

1996 and before – Nuclear Money in Politics