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It’s Our Time, It’s Our Vote!

“Now is the time to make real the promise of democracy”
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“It’s Our Time, It’s Our Vote” is a coordinated, statewide campaign to engage thousands of churches, faith-based centers, and other nonpartisan groups in local projects that help citizens register, understand the election rules, and vote in 2016! This is “Souls to the Polls” going deep, broad and on super-drive!

As the campaign coordinators, the NC NAACP and Democracy North Carolina will connect volunteers working in the same area, provide a variety of materials, and help groups create a program or ministry with practical goals that advance voter education, voter registration, voting protection and/or voter mobilization.

You’re invited to fill out the form below to join this nonpartisan campaign. For more information, please contact Bob Hall, Democracy North Carolina at 919-908-7925 or bob@democracy-nc.org. or Laurel Ashton at the NC NAACP at 828-713-3864 or laurel@naacpnc.org.

Sign up to take Action!

The success of this campaign is up to you! We need your leadership with a variety of tasks to register, educate, and empower voters. If you want to be a volunteer, please fill out your contact information, and let us know how you are willing to help by checking the boxes below.

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Here are some ways you can help:

We need a key contact in your congregation for our “Souls to the Polls” program this year. Please check the box if you are willing to play that role, to help register, educate and encourage your congregation to vote.
Voter Registration
I will participate in, or help coordinate, a local, nonpartisan voter registration drive (with my congregation, community group, or as an independent volunteer).
Material Distribution
I will distribute voter education materials, such as bulletin inserts and fliers.
Monitor Elections
I will attend local board of elections meetings to advocate for a good early voting plan. I may be interested in being a poll observer or a paid precinct official, or I may be able to help voters and report problems as an Election Protection volunteer at the polls.
Transportation Help
I’d be willing to provide rides to the polls or help coordinate rides in my area.