Registering the Homeless to Vote

This week, we visited the Samaritan Ministries in Winston-Salem, NC to register more homeless people to vote. We want all social classes to be fired up and ready to vote in the municipal elections this year. We also want voters to be excited and eager to vote in the 2014 state elections. It was interesting [...]

Progress through Education and Action in the Triad

Through our work this summer, I have come to realize that the two key components to effective organizing are: education and exercise. From the film festival we held a couple weeks ago on voting rights and money in politics to distributing thousands of legislative report cards, I have seen first-hand the power of education. On [...]

Knowledge is Power for Social Change

As a student, I am well acquainted with the phrase, “Knowledge is power.” However, I never truly understood the true meaning of this phrase until a few days ago, when we held our first Democracy Summer event. On Saturday morning, June 22, we held a film festival in the Forsyth County Public Library, “Justice Denied [...]

Our Work Through a Different Lens

Again this week, the students participating in the Democracy Summer program are showing the work they're doing every day through photos.  The images below offer a view through the lens of the young people who are on the front lines of the fight for voting rights -and so much more- in this state. From historical [...]

Democracy Summer: The Week in Pictures

Over the past week, the Democracy Summer interns have been hard at work across the state carrying the message that our state wants a government that is of, by, and for the people, free of the influence of big money. Students had the opportunity to speak to their local community groups, join in demonstrations at [...]

The Work of Democracy Triad

It is now the last week of our internship and we are looking at all we have accomplished in the past two months. From voter registration drives and tabling at various events, to speaking engagements and meeting with our elected officials, it has all been such a learning experience. I have definitely learned a lot [...]

Full Steam Ahead

The end of Democracy Summer also marks the beginning of our work. We return to our lives and respective campuses equipped with tools for organizing. There is no slowing down here in the triad only the shifting of gears. As meetings, events, tabling, and one-on-one’s count down the end this phase, pre-filled calendars in months [...]

“Street Theatre”

This week has been a continuation of some of the work that we had envisioned ourselves doing in the beginning: ending corporate personhood, organizing in colleges, and increasing voter engagement. We had our first kick-off event for our “We the People” Truth Tour titled “The Art of Democracy”, an event at central plaza downtown. Along [...]