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Pathways to Power in Wilmington

This past weekend, Rediedre and I had the opportunity to attend and aid with the Pathways to Power in Training in Wilmington. The two-day training was packed with issue-based conversations and creative team building activities designed to translate into tangible skills which advocates use to activate and mobilize their communities. One of the things I [...]

Speak It Loud! Local Talent + democracy

On July 17th, Democracy North Carolina hosted a creative, youth-oriented, political event called Speak it Loud! The event was very well attended and the performers were talented. We were able to get 9 artists to come and either sing, rap, or do spoken word about the dysfunction of our current political system. It was very [...]

Working Weekend: Pathways to Power

This week Martina and I had the joy of participating in and assisting with the Pathways to Power Training in New Bern. For those who don’t know, Pathways to Power is an intensive, two-day training that helps local activists become true democracy advocates and leaders within their community. Omisade, Democracy NC's fabulous training director, did [...]

Progress through Education and Action in the Triad

Through our work this summer, I have come to realize that the two key components to effective organizing are: education and exercise. From the film festival we held a couple weeks ago on voting rights and money in politics to distributing thousands of legislative report cards, I have seen first-hand the power of education. On [...]

What’s Next? Voter Registration

This past Monday marked the 10th wave of Moral Mondays. Since Cassy and I have attended our fair share of Moral Mondays already, we decided to switch things up a bit and set up a voter registration table.  We envisioned registering an overwhelming number of people, but that did not happen.  But who knew having a voter registration [...]

Maintaining a presence in Rural Communities

Yesterday we spent a rainy afternoon in the gathering place of the Intertribal Native American Counsel in Shannon, North Carolina. This was a follow-up to an initial meeting, so we saw familiar faces as well as several new ones. The gathering was unique in the fact that we essentially talked about similar issues as the [...]