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Democracy NC Calls for “All Hands on Deck” After SCOTUS Denies Stay of Voting Law

DEMOCRACY NC STATEMENT ON SUPREME COURT’S DENIAL OF STAY OF NC VOTING LAW WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Supreme Court refused a request by the state of North Carolina to temporarily block part of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling striking down North Carolina's restrictive 2013 voting law. With today’s decision, a federal appeals court’s [...]

Birthplace of Sit-In Movement Takes Center Stage In Next Chapter of NC’s Voting Wars

WHAT:   Despite the recent federal court ruling against voting restrictions, the Republican majority on the Guilford County Board of Elections (Greensboro) wants to reduce the 2016 Early Voting plan from what the county offered in 2012. On Monday, August 8, the Board will take up and likely vote on a plan that would: cut by [...]

Democracy NC: March Primary Signals Big Problems for NC Voters

Statewide Voting Rights Organization Reveals Negative Impact of New Photo ID Law Raleigh, N.C. (May 26, 2016) – Democracy North Carolina released key findings from the March 2016 Primary on Thursday, providing mounting evidence that North Carolina’s 2013 voting law is having a negative impact on North Carolina voters. The research was included as part [...]

Data Highlight: US Supreme Court Rejects Aggressive Segregation

In March, the US Supreme Court ruled that maps drawn by Alabama lawmakers distorted the requirements of the Voting Rights Act by packing African Americans into a small number of districts. Today, the Court pointed to that decision and ordered the NC Supreme Court to reconsider a challenge to the maps drawn by the Republican-controlled [...]

Data Highlight: Let Students Vote

NC Rep. Larry Hall and several other state legislators have introduced House Bill 240, “Allow NC College ID to Meet Voter ID Requirement,” at this link: The law requiring voters to present a photo ID, beginning in 2016, has generated considerable controversy, as well as legal challenges in federal and state courts. Often lost [...]