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New Poll Supports Voters’ Call for Redistricting Reform

Trump Supporters, Black Voters Agree: District Maps are Rigged What’s one thing that Donald Trump supporters and African Americans in North Carolina agree on? By large majorities, according to a new poll, they think the way state legislators draw their political districts is unfair and too influenced by partisan politics. The poll, commissioned by the [...]

ACT: Sign the Petition to End Illegal Gerrymandering

It's a simple concept: voters should pick their representatives, not the other way around. In an effort to make North Carolina's elections fair, reduce political divides, and stop racial gerrymandering (and the endless litigation that follows), Democracy North Carolina joins our coalition partners to support legislation that establishes an independent commission to create voting districts [...]

New Maps, New Info: 2016 Redistricting FAQs

Download Democracy North Carolina's Latest 2016 Redistricting FAQs >> BACKGROUND Three Legal Challenges: A special three-judge panel recently ruled that the maps drawn for NC Congressional District 1 and District 12 were illegal and must be redrawn before the next election. The judges said the maps intentionally segregated and packed black voters into the two [...]

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Federal Court Strikes Down Gerrymandered Districts

Late Friday Federal Court Ruling Strikes Down Gerrymandered Districts Late Friday, three federal appellate judges threw out congressional voting maps the Republican-led General Assembly drew five years ago, ruling that two districts were gerrymandered along racial lines. Judges ordered state lawmakers to redraw the maps within two weeks. As WRAL reported, "the three-judge panel ruled [...]

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Data Highlight: US Supreme Court Rejects Aggressive Segregation

In March, the US Supreme Court ruled that maps drawn by Alabama lawmakers distorted the requirements of the Voting Rights Act by packing African Americans into a small number of districts. Today, the Court pointed to that decision and ordered the NC Supreme Court to reconsider a challenge to the maps drawn by the Republican-controlled [...]

LOD: Newby’s New Challenge

On Friday, Democracy North Carolina, the NAACP and other groups challenging the 2011 redistricting plans filed a new motion with the NC Supreme Court to have Justice Paul Newby removed from hearing that challenge. As NC Policy Watch reports, “That’s because the . . . organization largely responsible for the drafting of the redistricting plans, [...]