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ACT NOW: Time to Hold Senator Ralph Hise Accountable

The chair of the NC Senate Select Committee on Elections has failed to provide answers to serious charges about the misuse of his campaign money. We need to hold him accountable — and the State Board of Elections needs to use its authority to inspect the bank records of the campaign. Here’s the background: - [...]

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Tell Gov. Cooper: Veto the Partisan Judges Bill

This week, NC lawmakers approved House Bill 100 – legislation that would make elections for trial court judges partisan. With no one to stop them, legislative leaders have already turned our state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals races into million-dollar partisan elections, making judges worry about how their decisions will sit with wealthy special [...]

DATA HIGHLIGHT: Beer Money Buys Protection from Competition

On March 4, 2017, The Charlotte Observer published an unusual story about NC legislative leaders stifling competition, contrary to their call to liberate business from government regulation. Craft brewers in cities across the state want to expand production, but a state law requires them to market their product through established beer distributors if they produce [...]

Millionaires, Corporations, Lobbyists and General Assembly Elites Get New Power

Statement from Bob Hall, Executive Director, Democracy North Carolina, September 25, 2015 The bill that changes the date of the 2016 primary election includes an unrelated, terrible section that will greatly expand pay-to-play politics in North Carolina. This last-minute addition allows the top four legislative leaders to create political slush funds that can receive unlimited donations [...]

LOD: Pope is No Dope

The Washington Post published a front-page story on Sunday about Art Pope’s unique role as both a powerful inside and outside player in a state’s politics. The writer drew on interviews and material from several groups across the political spectrum, including Democracy NC, for the profile and a clever chart of Pope’s network of influence. The article [...]

LOD: Smearing Justice

Blue Cross and Reynolds Tobacco are teaming up with the Koch brothers to take over North Carolina’s Supreme Court. That sounds sensational but an article in today’s New York Times documents over $1 million that business and right-wing groups have spent just in the primary to defeat incumbent Justice Robin Hudson. Buying a seat is [...]

LOD: Spilled Koch

North Carolina is apparently becoming the poster child for how self-serving billionaires can protect their profits by buying a state’s elections. The New Yorker has a gruesome profile of the ramped-up manipulation of West Virginia’s people and politics by the energy/chemical industry after a disastrous spill ruined the drinking water for hundreds of thousands of [...]