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Tell Gov. Cooper: Veto the Partisan Judges Bill

This week, NC lawmakers approved House Bill 100 – legislation that would make elections for trial court judges partisan. With no one to stop them, legislative leaders have already turned our state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals races into million-dollar partisan elections, making judges worry about how their decisions will sit with wealthy special [...]

Tell Lawmakers: Stop the Packing of NC’s Supreme Court

The people have spoken. Last week, voters elected Michael Morgan, an African-American judge from Wake County, to serve on the North Carolina Supreme Court. That will shift the Court’s ideological make-up from a conservative to a liberal-leaning majority. But multiple media outlets are reporting that leaders in the NC General Assembly plan to stifle Morgan’s [...]

LOD: Pope is No Dope

The Washington Post published a front-page story on Sunday about Art Pope’s unique role as both a powerful inside and outside player in a state’s politics. The writer drew on interviews and material from several groups across the political spectrum, including Democracy NC, for the profile and a clever chart of Pope’s network of influence. The article [...]

LOD: Smearing Justice

Blue Cross and Reynolds Tobacco are teaming up with the Koch brothers to take over North Carolina’s Supreme Court. That sounds sensational but an article in today’s New York Times documents over $1 million that business and right-wing groups have spent just in the primary to defeat incumbent Justice Robin Hudson. Buying a seat is [...]

LOD: Newby’s New Challenge

On Friday, Democracy North Carolina, the NAACP and other groups challenging the 2011 redistricting plans filed a new motion with the NC Supreme Court to have Justice Paul Newby removed from hearing that challenge. As NC Policy Watch reports, “That’s because the . . . organization largely responsible for the drafting of the redistricting plans, [...]