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Democracy NC Responds to SCOTUS Decision in in Covington Redistricting Case

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a request by North Carolina lawmakers to review a case that struck down 2011 state legislative districts drawn as illegal racial gerrymanders. The Court also sent the case back to the lower court to determine whether elections should be held in 2017 as initially ordered. Voting rights group [...]

Democracy NC Responds to Supreme Court Remand of Racial Gerrymandering Case

DURHAM, N.C. — The U.S. Supreme Court decided Tuesday to remand a racial gerrymandering case back to the N.C. Supreme Court per last week's Cooper v. Harris decision. Dickson v. Rucho is one of two racial gerrymandering cases that were left pending at the U.S. Supreme Court. Justices last week decided Cooper v. Harris,  affirming a lower court ruling finding North [...]

ACT NOW: Time to Hold Senator Ralph Hise Accountable

The chair of the NC Senate Select Committee on Elections has failed to provide answers to serious charges about the misuse of his campaign money. We need to hold him accountable — and the State Board of Elections needs to use its authority to inspect the bank records of the campaign. Here’s the background: - [...]

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Report: Senate Elections Committee Chair Violates Disclosure Law

Senate Elections Committee Chair Violates Disclosure Law, Is Suspected of Excess Payments to Himself A voting rights group today is calling on State Sen. Ralph Hise, chair of the Senate Select Committee on Elections, to recuse himself from any further involvement with restructuring the State Board of Elections because he faces charges of violating campaign disclosure [...]

New Poll Supports Voters’ Call for Redistricting Reform

Trump Supporters, Black Voters Agree: District Maps are Rigged What’s one thing that Donald Trump supporters and African Americans in North Carolina agree on? By large majorities, according to a new poll, they think the way state legislators draw their political districts is unfair and too influenced by partisan politics. The poll, commissioned by the [...]

Democracy NC Calls for Criminal Investigation of McCrory Conspiracy Against NC Voters

RALEIGH, N.C. (4/18/2017) – Voting rights group Democracy North Carolina released a report today providing a first, county-by-county look at the human cost of hundreds of false voter fraud allegations leveled by the 2016 reelection campaign of former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. The report entitled The Deceit of Voter Fraud is a product of [...]

Tell Your Reps: Support SB554 and HB714, the Fair Redistricting Study Bills

North Carolina has a long history of lawmakers drawing voting districts in ways that weaken the political power of voters, especially Black voters. Our state desperately needs a new and fair redistricting process to restore faith in our democracy. An innovative new bill filed on March 30 — Senate Bill 554 — would provide just [...]

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Tell Your Reps: Don’t Force Judges to be Partisan

Thanks to your calls and emails, Gov. Roy Cooper did his part to protect an impartial judiciary by vetoing House Bill 100, rejecting legislation that would make elections for our state's trial judges into million-dollar partisan affairs. But we're not done. Now the bill heads back to the General Assembly where lawmakers will consider whether [...]

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Voters Accused of Fraud Share Stories of Shock & Anger, Push State Elections Board for Changes

Voters in 16 North Carolina counties who were falsely accused of voter fraud by Gov. Pat McCrory’s 2016 reelection campaign are sharing their stories of shock and outrage with the State Board of Elections and calling on the agency to change the process that allowed charges to be filed against them without any evidence of [...]

Tell Gov. Cooper: Veto the Partisan Judges Bill

This week, NC lawmakers approved House Bill 100 – legislation that would make elections for trial court judges partisan. With no one to stop them, legislative leaders have already turned our state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals races into million-dollar partisan elections, making judges worry about how their decisions will sit with wealthy special [...]