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Victims of the New Election Law Say, “We Learned the Hard Way!”

PRESS ADVISORY PRESS CONFERENCE TODAY Democracy North Carolina is releasing new information about hundreds of voters who tried to vote in the May primary but were denied a chance to participate because of major changes in NC’s election law. The press conference includes the personal stories of a soldier, nurse, disabled senior, student, former felon, [...]

LOD: Pope’s Poverty Cycle

Art Pope, owner of the Roses and Maxway stores and Gov. Pat McCrory’s Budget Director, is the poster child of what one extremely wealthy individual can do to twist an entire state’s public policy in a racially divisive, ultra-conservative direction. Read more here. Pope literally depends on the black community to finance his political operation; [...]

LOD: Off-Message Daily Show

Don Yelton, a member of the NC Republican Executive Committee, appeared last night on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show on a report exploring racism and NC’s new anti-voter Monster Law. The interview started as one would expect, with Mr. Yelton reciting a well-known line: “as a result of this law, the process is going to [...]

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LOD: Pope Protests

Art Pope is unhappy that a national campaign reform leader says he uses the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and Super PACs to pump money from his stores into North Carolina politics. Pope is partly right: he doesn’t depend on the CU ruling or a PAC for targeting candidates with nasty ads; instead, he uses [...]

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LOD: The Rogue LaRoque

A federal grand jury has indicted state legislator Rep. Stephen LaRoque (R-Kinston) on a variety of charges related to misusing federal funds received by two nonprofit lending outfits he created "to alleviate poverty and increase economic activity and employment in rural communities." The charges follow an investigative series by NC Policy Watch and include stealing $300,000 from the federal government, failing [...]

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“Street Theatre”

This week has been a continuation of some of the work that we had envisioned ourselves doing in the beginning: ending corporate personhood, organizing in colleges, and increasing voter engagement. We had our first kick-off event for our “We the People” Truth Tour titled “The Art of Democracy”, an event at central plaza downtown. Along [...]

Sharing Knowledge, Building Power

This past Saturday was the Juneteenth Celebration in Winston-Salem, a time in which community members celebrate the African American spirit and pay tribute to the roles and contributions which have enriched our society. It is a celebration that is the longest-running observance of the abolition of slavery, commemorating the day in which the last few [...]