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Statement on US Justice Department’s Lawsuit Against NC Election Law

From Bob Hall, Executive Director, Democracy North Carolina September 30, 2013 Democracy North Carolina applauds the decision of the US Department of Justice to file suit against key provisions of North Carolina’s new anti-voter law, HB-589. We welcome a vigorous challenge to a law designed to push away certain voters and rig the election system [...]

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LOD: Sticking it to Students

On the heels of the new Monster Law that excludes state-issued student IDs from the list of acceptable IDs a voter must show after January 2016, some local elections boards are going even further. Tuesday’s LOD described the Watauga County Board of Elections’ decision to eliminate the Early Voting and Election Day polling sites from the [...]

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LOD: Ballotproof

Leave it to the folks at The Daily Show to put on full display the absurdity of the many controversial bills passed by the NC General Assembly during the 2013 legislative session. On last Monday’s show, guest host John Oliver dedicated four minutes of the show’s opening to talk about two of the most controversial [...]

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Registering the Homeless to Vote

This week, we visited the Samaritan Ministries in Winston-Salem, NC to register more homeless people to vote. We want all social classes to be fired up and ready to vote in the municipal elections this year. We also want voters to be excited and eager to vote in the 2014 state elections. It was interesting [...]

Statement on HB-589, the Anti-Voting Bill

Late Thursday night, the NC General Assembly passed an elections bill that it is breathtaking in scope and radical in purpose. It makes the most regressive and sweeping changes to the core parts of our state’s election process in decades. In 56 pages, this redefines and restricts who can vote, where, when and how and [...]

Pathways to Power in Wilmington

This past weekend, Rediedre and I had the opportunity to attend and aid with the Pathways to Power in Training in Wilmington. The two-day training was packed with issue-based conversations and creative team building activities designed to translate into tangible skills which advocates use to activate and mobilize their communities. One of the things I [...]

Speak It Loud! Local Talent + democracy

On July 17th, Democracy North Carolina hosted a creative, youth-oriented, political event called Speak it Loud! The event was very well attended and the performers were talented. We were able to get 9 artists to come and either sing, rap, or do spoken word about the dysfunction of our current political system. It was very [...]

Statement on Rewrite of ID Bill – Senate Rules Committee on H-589

From Bob Hall, Executive Director Democracy North Carolina Direct line:  919-489-1931 Regarding H-589 rewrite at: The Senate leadership’s rewrite of H-589 is being taken up at 2 PM today in LOB Room 544. It is breathtaking in scope and radical in purpose. It makes the most sweeping changes to the core parts of our [...]

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Working Weekend: Pathways to Power

This week Martina and I had the joy of participating in and assisting with the Pathways to Power Training in New Bern. For those who don’t know, Pathways to Power is an intensive, two-day training that helps local activists become true democracy advocates and leaders within their community. Omisade, Democracy NC's fabulous training director, did [...]