North Carolina’s new Governor and Attorney General could take one simple step to protect voting rights in our state: Gov. Roy Cooper and A.G. Josh Stein could withdraw the State’s official request asking the U.S. Supreme Court to bring back the state’s Monster Voting Law.

Take one simple step — contact Cooper and Stein and ask them to do it (we’ve made it easy).

Here’s why it’s important: Last year, Republican attorneys for Gov. McCrory and the Board of Elections asked the Supreme Court to overturn the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal’s excellent decision to repeal the Monster Law’s strict voter ID requirement, cut backs to early voting, and other provisions.

But Roy Cooper and Josh Stein now have the power to withdraw that petition and let the 4th Circuit Court’s decision be the end of the case – meaning no Monster Voting Law!

According to news reports, Cooper and Stein are considering what to do. They need your encouragement!

It’s possible GOP legislators could ask the Supreme Court to let them intervene, but this is a chance for our new Governor and Attorney General to do the right thing.

Tell Gov. Roy Cooper and A.G. Josh Stein to take this step to strengthen voting access and protect NC voters.