Democracy North Carolina | 2014 Annual Report

A message from our Executive Director

Thanks to you, we’ve made great strides implementing the strategic plan our board adopted in December 2013. We added 3,500 new supporters, established another community-based coalition, developed a new in-office volunteer program to support our field work, and initiated the Democracy Fellows program. We look forward with excitement as we hire new staff, “deepen the bench” by increasing leadership responsibilities among staff and volunteers, and organize endlessly for a democracy “of, by, and for the people.” - Bob Hall

— Spotlight —

15 Years of Democracy Summer

2014 marked the 15th anniversary of our summer internship program. Democracy Summer is a lifechanging, hands-on internship experience for college students from across the state. They work in organizing teams based in Durham, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Rocky Mount or Winston-Salem to empower local volunteers and advocate for policies that improve democracy. In 2014, we provided stipends to several of them to continue organizing on their campuses as part of a new Millennial Voter Partnership with three other state groups. With your support, we’re successfully training tomorrow’s social justice organizers and leaders.

Democracy Summer's 15 Years
By the Numbers

141 Graduates
68% women/32% men
53% work in advocacy
11 fields of study

Jumpstarting the Vote: 2014 at a Glance

“Democracy North Carolina is the organization that reintroduced me to activism. Once I started, I couldn’t stop.” - R. A., Charlotte, NC

People across North Carolina turned to Democracy North Carolina throughout 2014 to help them focus and channel their outrage at the actions of the General Assembly. We provided guidance and meaningful ways for individuals to help their neighbors register to vote, become educated about the candidates for office and the new Monster voting law, advocate for strong early voting plans, and obtain photo IDs in preparation for the 2016 elections. As a result, thousands were ACTIVE in our democracy!

Our Impact on the Ground

By the Numbers


The amount our researchers found that Duke Energy spent to aid Gov. Pat McCrory’s election; his environmental agency tried to block stricter regulation of Duke’s coal ash.


Total pieces of voter education materials created and distributed in 2014, including our voting rights wallet cards and bulletin inserts for hundreds of churches in our Souls to the Polls project.


Voter guides distributed in 10 counties; 139,000 were mailed to African Americans, other people of color, youth, and single women. They voted at 4.3 percentage points higher than a control group of similar voters!


Number of Democracy NC organizers and trainers who conducted over 60 trainings across NC for thousands of volunteers to bolster voter turnout and advocacy.


We recruited, trained, and deployed more than 400 poll monitors to 120+ precincts in three dozen North Carolina counties for the 2014 primary and general elections.


Our campaign to push local boards of elections to adopt strong early voting plans yielded 632 more hours of early voting than in 2010 in the 30 counties we targeted.


Every year Democracy NC staffs an election protection hotline. In 2014 we fielded over 1,400 calls from across the state during early voting and on Election Day.


14,000 Latino voters who received a special mailing from Democracy NC, El Pueblo, and NALEO turned out at twice the rate of other Latino voters!

Thank You!

From all of us at Democracy North Carolina, thank you for helping make 2014 a success!

Your Support Makes Our Work Possible

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Foundations & Non-Profits

Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation
Carolyn W & Charles T Beaird Family Foundation
Herb Block Foundation
Blueprint NC
Bydale Foundation
Community Foundation of Western NC
    Taku Fund
    TNT Charitable Fund
Double E Foundation
Foundation for the Carolinas
    Dennis & Betty Chafin Rash Advised Fund
    Fred Stanback Donor Advised Fund
    Welton Community Fund
Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust
Kofodimos Family Fund of Cmty Fdn of Henderson Co.
Merck Foundation Civic Action
NEO Philanthropy Action Fund, Inc
New Venture Fund
Nonprofit Vote
NC Conservation Network
Overbrook Family Advised Fund of NY Community Trust
Park Foundation
The Mary Norris Preyer Fund
Julian Price Family Foundation
Proteus Fund
Public Interest Projects
Public Interest Projects Action Fund, Inc
Public Welfare Foundation
Z Smith Reynolds Foundation
Rockefeller Family Foundation
Tides Foundation
Triangle Community Foundation
    Marcia Angle & Mark Trustin Fund
    Anonymous Fund (3)
    Backyard Fund
    Charlie Bucket Fund
    Frances Lynn Fund
    Vision Fund
    Wellspring Fund
Warner-Craven Foundation

Visionary ($10,000+)

Anonymous (3)
Jonathan Beard & Grace Nordhoff
Jane Brown & James Protzman

Beacon ($5,000-$9,999)

Anonymous (1)

Champion ($2,500-$4,999)

Anonymous (1)
Bill & Eileen Blancato
Jill Bullitt
Laura Edwards
Cama & Robert Merritt
Julie Mooney
Francella Poston

Guardian ($1,000-2,499)

Rosalind & Adam Abram
Carol Anderson & Chuck Eppinette
Ross Annable
Adam Beyah
Phil Blank
Mitchel & Linda Bollag
Dennis Boos
Crandall C Bowles
Bessie & Paul Carrington
Becky Carver
Meg Coward & Sarah Schwartz Sax
Vandana Dake
Kenneth Dalsheimer & Marybeth Dugan
Monica DeAngelis
Cynthia Geary
LeKecia Glover
Liz Hair (deceased)
Laura Hanson & David Cecelski
Tom Hardy & Miriam Rabkin
Lonna & Richard Harkrader
Sam & Ann Hummel
James Joseph & Mary Braxton-Joseph
Stephen & Jennifer Lyday
Nancy MacLean & Bruce Orenstein
Jennifer McGovern & Steve Unruhe
Kim McGuire & Jim Samsel
Kate Mitchell
Katharine Mountcastle
David Neal & Jennifer Weaver
Tema Okun & Tom Stern
Pat Orrange
Richard Philpot & Cosette Serabjit-Singh
Jane Preyer
Tom & Ticie Rhodes
Sarah Rubin & James Blose
Gayle Ruedi
John Runkle
Frankie Price Stern
Working Films
Courtney Young

Protector ($500-$999)

Jill Beimdiek
Nadine Bloch
Everett Bowman
Mary Hughes Brookhart
Dawn Burtt
Nancy Clapp-Channing & Steve Channing
John Curry
Ann & Tony Davies
David Dodson
Jay & Kay Ferguson
Faulkner Fox & Gunther Peck
Barker & Cavett French
Mary Gamble
Barbara Haight & Shane Jones
Eric Hallman & Elizabeth Woodman
John Hammond
Harold Hearne
Sarah Huffman
Mary Hulett
Sam Hummel
Jeanette Hyde
Sandy & Deane Irving
Jeff & Elizabeth Jennings
Elyse Jung
Donna Keiran
Mary Klenz
Page Lee
Kathleen Leutze
Susan Lupton
Carol J Mattocks
Hayes McNeill
Jill Over & Tom Mitchell
Don Nonini & Sandy Smith -Nonini
Warren Riley
Russell Robinson
Zach Rowles
Anna Sagel
Marcie & Torrence Shealy
Zeb Smathers
Terry Taylor-Allen
Clarke Thacher
Barbara Vandenbergh
Tim Walter
Anne Whisnant
Nate Wright

Ally ($250-499)

Bess Baird
Laura Benedict
Mark Bernstein
James Blaine
Allan Bloom
Lanier Blum
Tolly Boatwright
Cynthia Brown
Alice Buhl
Ed & Margaret Campion
Lorna Chafe
Steve & Louise Coggins
Committee to Elect Jenn Weaver
Community United Church of Christ
Sandra Conway
Cynthia & Ken Crossen
Carolyn Crowder
Peggy & Bob Culbertson
Steve Dear
Richard Di Giulio
Linda Duda
Donna Duke
Lisa Eby
Patricia Ferguson
Ted Fiske
Laurie Fox & Daniele Armaleo
Sarah Belk Gambrell
Zelda Gilbert
Gary Greenberg
Arthur Griffin Jr
Gita & Edd Gulati-Partee
Wib Gulley
Fred Gunther
Josh Gurlitz
Leesie & Bill Guthridge
Jacquelyn Dowd Hall
Lisa Hamill
Lark Hayes
Rachel Heller
David Howard
Pamela Hutson
Molly Jenkins
Dana Jennings
Leonard T Jernigan
Jane Kendall & Ran Coble
Jeanne & Brad Kutrow
Peter Laine
Ernest Lanier & Amy Smoker
Zachary Lantz
Bob Leker
Holly Ewell Lewis & Ken Lewis
Rodney Lindsey
Adrienne Livengood
Wendy & Mac McCorkle
Linda McGill
Ann McKown & Dan Hudgins
Shelley McNeill
Claire Millar
Brian P Mitchell
Marcia Morey
Larry Morse
David B & Mary D Neal
Janet & Lowell Nelson
Ann Newman
Marie & Jay Novello
Rebecca Powers
Jane Ratteree
Michael Reklis
Bill Rowe
Cherry & Paul Saenger
Kenneth & Jane Schorr
Susan Sewell
Martha Shafer
Nancy Shakir
Ginny Shaw
Nancy Shoemaker
Ann Sink
Caroline & Bob Sink
Bob & Pat Spearman
David Stewart
Ellen Stolzman
Linda Sutton
Elaine Taylor
Marilyn Telen
Clare Tufts
Nancy Tunnessen
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Winston-Salem
John Vanderstar
Brenda VanLunen
Jerry & Sondra VanSant
Michael Wallach
Jenny Warburg
Judy Watson
Bill West
Judy Williams
Steven Wing
Molly & Barden Winstead
Susan Wisely
Ann Wood
Susan & Duncan Yaggy
Karen Zapata

Partner ($100-$249)

Anonymous (1)
Tom Adams
Joanie Alexander
Diane Amos
Susan Anderson
James Andrews
Henry Anthony
Carla Archie
Karla Atkinson
Robert Auman
Dave Austin
Elizabeth Axtell
Michael Bacon
Sara Baligh
Laura Ballance
Martin Barnes
Beth Barnwell
Sam Baron
Jinny Batterson
John Bell
Pearl Berlin
Doris Bernlohr
Richard Best
Annette Bingham
Katherine & Regi Blackburn
Thomas Blanford
Nancy Blood
Ken Boggs
Tom Bowers
Steve Boyd
Evelyn Bradley
Leigh Bradley
Susan Bray
Michael Brown
Richard & Susan Brown
Wanda Bryant
Jon Buchan
Dorothy Butler
Linda Carlisle
Georgia Carver
Peter Caulfield
Daisy Chambers
Barry Cheney
Deborah & George Christie
Church of Reconciliation
Mary Clayton
Jimmy Cochran
Sue Cole
C Perry Colwell
Nancy K Connolly
Carol Conway
Michael Cotter
Cam Cover
Billie Cowell
Kristen Cox
Francis Coyle
Rhea Cravens
Brenda L Crawford
Patty Dale
Josh Davis
Rhoda Davis
Bob Day
Jennie DeLoach
Greenville Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc
Jill Dinwiddie & Bernie Hargadon
Anne & Mike Doolen
Robert Dowling
Ilana Dubester
Alan W Duncan
Patricia Dunn
Evelyn Durmaz
Anita Earls & Charles Walton
Steven R Edelstein
Carolyn Edge
Julie Eiselt
Bruce Elliston
Meredith Emmett
Ben Feldman & Pam Seamans
Betsy Fenhagen
Ted Fillette
Deborah Finn
Helen Fischer & Stan Bukowski
Ed & Janet Flowers
William & Willie Beatrice Flythe
Chase Foster
Kevin Foy
William Franklin
Joanne Frazer
Mary Freedman
William Friedman & Jill Ryder Friedman
Jenn Frye
Kathy Fury
Marty Gagliano
Frank Gailor
Dee & George Gamble
Harvey Gantt
Ellen Gaskill
John Geers
Sandra Gellar
Dan & Barbara Gerber
Narendra Ghosh
Hugh Giblin
Jenny Godwin
William Gomez
Louise Goodnight
Lynn Goodpasture & Alan Jacobs
Daniel Gottlieb
Elizabeth Gottlieb
Michael Gough
Diana Gray
Nancy Grebenkemper
Miriam Green
John Greene
Jim Grode
Ron Grunwald
Winnett Hagens
Jarvis Hall
Richard Hall
Lynda Hambourger
Michael Hancock
Linda Hansma
Jennifer Hardison Walters
April N Harley
Katy Harriger
Hona Lee Harrington
Allison Harrison
Diana Haskell
Laxmi Haynes
Kathryn Heath
Eunice Heilig
Frances Henderson
Patricia Henderson
Peggy Henderson
Tom Henkel
Beth Henry
Emily Herman
James Herndon
Doajo Hicks
Larry Hicks
Daniel & Ellen Hill
Elizabeth M Holsten
Webb Hubbell
David Huff
Frances Huffman
Christina Hugenschmidt
Rachel Hunt Nilender
Rodna Hurewitz
Reeve & Isaac Huston
Eva & Clyde Ingle
B William Irlbeck
Norma-May Isakow
Anita Jackson
Robert & Meredith Jackson
Nancy Revelle Johnson
David Jolly
Raymond Jones
Sally Jones
Nancy Kaiser
Sis Kaplan
Leah Karpen
Arnie Katz
Ruth Katz
Bob Kellogg
Martha Kennedy
Harriet Kestenbaum
Keval Kaur Khalsa
Nancy King
Ellie Kinnaird
James W Kirkland
Ed Klemmer
James & Sally Kocher
Richard H Kohn
Claudia Koonz
Sean Kosofsky
Anne & Jonathan Kotch
Martha Kropf
Larry Kroutil
Mark & Cindy Kuhn
Wendy Kuran
Janine Lafferty
Naomi Lambert
Mike Lamvik
Henry Landsberger
Gary & Theresa Landwirth
Ted Lappas, Jr
Lex Larson
Carol Lawrence
Margaret & Clarence Leinbach
David Lenat
Lisa Levenstein
Paul & Caroline Lindsay
George Livanos
Sara & Richard Loeppert
Karen Long & Arlon Kemple
Carolyn Luce
Livy & Dick Ludington
Theo Luebke
John Manuel
Thomas Marchner
Melissa Marion
Becky & Vern Marlin
Charles Marschall
Michael Mason
William F W Massengale
Elizabeth Matheson
George Max
Catherine Maxwell
Margaret McCann
Rus McCarter
Alexander McCoy
Ann McCracken
Nancy McCullough
Diana McDuffee
Jennifer McDuffie
Dorothy McGee
Deborah McGill
Tom McIndoo
Chris McLeod
Cindy & John McMahon
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Kathy Meacham
Richard Meeker
Darlyne Menscer
Eric Meyers
Nancy Milio
Marc Miller
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Jennifer Moss
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Marsha Munn
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Lisa Nanney & Joe Sitterson
Florence Nash
Shankar Nathan
Barbara Nettesheim
Becky New
Barbara Newborg
Marianne Newman
Sandra Niegelsky
Joseph Noland
Matthew Novak
Carmen Odom
Barney & Jan Offerman
Melva F Okun
Catherine O'Shea
Bob Page
Jon Parker
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Pamela Pearson
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Milton Ploghoft
Della Pollock
Caroline Poulton
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Jane & William A Raney
Millie Ravenel
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George & Susan Reed
Michael Relyea
Richard Renner & Laura Yeomans
Steve Reznick
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Jennifer Roberts
Jill Roberts
Diane Robertson
Michael Robinson
Peter & Jane Roda
Brenda Rogers
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Rowan Baptist Church
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Jill Santuccio
Nancy Sawhill
Jack & Linda Saye
Anne Sayers
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Douglas Schiff
Brenda B Schoonover
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Sandra Seay
Gail Shaeffer
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Karen Sindelar
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Katherine M Skinner
Barbara Smalley-McMahan
Linda Smathers
Amanda Smith
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Harriet Solomon
Margaret Sowerwine
Marcia Spray
Ujjwal Srivastava
Therese St Peter
Hugh Stephens
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Thomas Strini
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Dock Terrell
The Sun Publishing Co, Inc
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Advocate ($1-$99)

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Mickey Aberman
J Allen Adams
Abigail Adelman
Jana Albritton
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