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Isela Gutierrez: Protecting the right to vote

Before North Carolina’s presidential primary disappears into the dustbin of history, it’s important to highlight a few takeaways that will undoubtedly play out in a big way during the November general election.

Democracy NC: March Primary Signals Big Problems for NC Voters

Democracy North Carolina released key findings from the March 2016 Primary on May 26, providing mounting evidence that North Carolina’s 2013 voting law is having a negative impact on voters. The research was included in an amicus brief that includes specific instances of voter disenfranchisement and asks a federal appeals court to overturn the law.

Democracy NC Demands Provisional Recount in Forsyth

Democracy North Carolina has found big problems with the handling of more than 100 provisional ballots in Forsyth County’s March Primary. The organization is demanding 130 ballots be counted.

29,000 NC Voters Saved by Provisions in Election Law that Legislators Aim to Kill

An analysis of data from the State Board of Elections reveals that more than 29,000 voters were able to participate in the March 2016 primary by using safety-net provisions in North Carolina’s election law that the General Assembly majority has tried to eliminate.

Federal Court Strikes Down Gerrymandered Districts

 A federal court panel ruled that two of North Carolina’s 13 congressional districts are racial gerrymanders and must be redrawn.

Problems at the Polls in 2014

Reports on Silenced Voters, Poll Worker Error, and Election Staff Worries Show Damage from New Voting Law.

Groups Challenge Drop in Voter Registrations

Groups file a lawsuit against NC for violating the federal voter registration law after the agencies fail to fix systematic problems.

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